Online Training

Here you will find helpful resources and tools to navigate the online leader resources provided to you by the BSA.
Where do I begin?
Step 1:

Log on by using your current username and password or create an account.
(You do not need to be a registered member of the BSA to take online training)
Step 2: Choose from the options below:
  Youth Protection Training
Click the youth protection logo directly on the right once logged in.
  Cub Scout Specifics
Click the logo to the right (Step-by-step instructions with pictures)
Be Preprared:  The new training site will have you log on again and take you to
Scouting U
Here are some helpful videos if you find yourself stuck: 
Add Training to My Learning - Course Catalog and Search - My Learning Plan
  All Other Training - Click "My Dashboard" on the upper right and then just below,
My Training.
Click on Training Center to locate the training you are looking for.
Step 3: Print out Certificates to keep for your records and provide copies to the
 Council Office if needed.

For more information and course descriptions, please visit our national Scout Training page by clicking here!