Lion Program

The Lion Scout Program

Want to Recruit Lions in the Fall?

You Must do 3 Things

1.     Recruit a Lion Guide

a.  Lion GuideWill assist with hands-on program delivery to the Lions, teach the adults to run a den meeting as

    well as providing program for the youth.

               b.  They must have no other responsibilities in Scouting and must be experienced.

2.      Train the Guide

a.  Mandatory trainings are Free and take place at the August Roundtables.  Register HERE.

3.   Complete Den Paperwork – Completely Signed and brought to the August Training

a.  Lion Program Agreement

b.  Adult Application and YPT for the Lion Guide

All 3 items must be completed to participate in Lion Program

Additional Notes

  • The Lion Program is a Pilot Program that requires certain elements to be followed:
    • The Lion program is designed to start in September
      • No Spring Recruitments will take place for Lions

      • Program Materials will be available for purchase as of July 5 after Summer Camps.
    • Data Collection will take place at a Council level so ensuring Lions, Guides and advancements are registered and recorded accurately is extremely important.


For Additional questions or Comments, please contact:

Tye Pameticky –

For More Information:

Please click here for the Lion Scout Program Overview

Please click here for the Program Agreement